Module Reflection: Creative Strategies

I have learnt a lot of about maya in this module. I tried use things and have actually started to properly model more complicated objects. I grown in confidence in my ability not only to do tasks, but also in learning new skills, I am no longer as scared to try a new thing just because it is so unknown.

I’m starting to mange my time lot better, and have been working hard on keeping to the deadlines that my group set. I try my best to give my option to the groups i’m in, and just try to keep thing going smoothy.

I was going through a few personal hiccups, but I was able to handle those issues, which is a big improvement from last year.

I think my biggest struggle was starting. It was a little scary to jump into the tasks, especially the personal projects, as I felt like I should have been working on the group projects instead. But once I’d started I really got into the flow and started really enjoying creating new things and doing experiments.

Overall I hope my work will keep improving and that this new found enjoyment of animation will continue and grow!


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