Module Reflection: Creative Enterprise

This was my first time writing a CV and Cover letter, I think that this was a skill that was improtant to learn as it will definitly help me in the future when applying for placement, and for a job after I finish this course (touch wood). Although I feel kind of inscure about my achievement so far, I feel as though I should have more to show for my years on this planet. My life experince doesn’t relect enough art based training (can I include all the years I helped my Dad on the farm? haha).

I ound it difficult to put together my showreel as I’m only just starting to feel confident with my maya abiltiy, so I was trying really hard to make enough content to fill the showreel, and have that content be of consistant standard. I didn’t feel it would reflect well showing work that jumped between quaitys.

Gregg gave me really good advise to start modeling and creating using Marvalsu Designer. I have a interest in fashion design and texture design, and I really like to make 3D fashions and fabirics, so I’m really looking forward using marvelouse Dsigner. I have reseach the software and watched a couple toturals, I was really disappointed I was not able to create an example model on time for showreel hand-in due working on corrections to showreel as well as working on other deadlines, but it is something I will start working on next semester so that I can update my showreel including a outsite turntable.


CV Writing

As part of my Animation course I have to create a CV and Showreel to send to future employers.

This is a little scary -_-

I feel like I don’t really have anything to write about. It’s soooo hard to write about yourself!

I wrote this template:


It’s not too bad as a start off point!

Now I’m starting to break it down a little more. Right now I feel like it’s so boring, it doesn’t do much to make me stand out! And to be honest, it doesn’t really tell you anything about me, it doesn’t give a employer enough information to make them want to employ me.

So I’ve started to break it down a little more:


I’m writing out detailed notes on the skills and experience that I’ve collected over the years, and then I plan on condensing the information down in a well written CV…

Well, that’s the dream haha.

Here is an idea I had about the design for the CV.


I like the idea of it being partly hand written, and I draw a lot of boxes, so having the information being in hand drawn boxes seems fitting for my CV.

I don’t know why, but I’ve never been able to nail a good signature haha.