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Personal Project: Rigging

I decided that for my personal project that I would learn how to rig.

I chose rigging because I think that it is important to understand how a rig works and to have basic understanding of how to rig even if that is not the area in animation I will go into.

Alec said during this lectures that It good for all animators to have understanding of rigging as well. I really like to create movement and change the hate of a model to create use poses, and I think know how to rig, will help me understand the best way to move the joints to create the most fluid motions.

Also I know how to rig, then that means I don’t have to rely of someone else to be there to do it for me, which could be useful in the future.

So for my rigging I am going to rig grace from my client project first, that way we are able to make her pose however we like when we render of Joel.

I also want to have a go at rigging one or more of the animals that were model for the grace project, as that is a different kind of anatomy from human, and requires a different set of joints.

I think it would also be benefit of rig objects as well, such as doors, and kitchen utilises, as they have a different kind of structure and way of moving, and it give me the opportunity to play around with modelling.

I spoke to Alec about rigging during my one on one meeting, and he advised me to speak with Robert as he is also doing rigging for his personal project, and we can help each other out. I have also been talking to Jenny about as she did rigging for her personal project last semester.

Alec gave us some animation tasks to do on backboard that I’m going to have a go at, perhaps they will help me with understanding rigging.