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Presentation Feedback and Self Refection

I was very nervous to present on Tuesdays, I had been sick all Week 2 and felt like I was very behind. I had spent most of my time writing my story and trying to figure out camera shot and watching tutorials on sculpting and rigging, so I didn’t have much to show during my presentation.

I think my presentation went okay despite not having a whole lot compare to others, my feedback was good, I was happy people seemed to understand the story as that was my main worry coming into the presentation.

Alec said that I should contact the MET to talk to them about the music for my animation, I’m going to spend Monday 15th contacting different people about my animation, such as the MET and Queens about the music, and I want to contact some care homes and dementia foundations to ask their option on my animation, I want to get different views on the subject of dementia.

Alec suggested I look into puzzle and how they can help with brain function in old age. I think it would be interesting to look into the science of it, brain training was a really popular game for a long time, they had always calms to help keep your brain age young by solving problems and puzzles.

The guest lectures seemed to agree that my story would be universally understood, but they suggested looking into other puzzles if I found it too difficult to rig the cube, I’m not sure how well another puzzle would work in my story’s scenario, but I’ll have a look at what I can find out about other puzzles. They also suggested I look at a character rigging book to help me with my facial rigging and animation, I’m pretty excited to have a look at this reference as it will hopefully be really help in my animating.

Overall I feel like I got pretty positive feedback, I’m happy with that, I just hope I can keep up with my work flow so I have more to present during the next presentation!




Hey! so I’m on my placement year!


Currently I have no placement sorted. Spent my summer helping and caring for my close family members who were going through a rough time, but I’m not free to really start the search for work!

It’s really scary, and hard not the panic about being behind on the job search, but its okay! I know I’ll be fine, I just have to think positively and not give up.

In my spare time during the summer I practised using Mudbox and Marvelous Designer 5. I really like using MD, I’ve started putting together a MD showreel, I need to add more to it. ATM I’ve focusing more on how to use the software, and have only really started creating outfits now, I use what every i’m am currently wearing as the inspiration for the outfits.

I also made a very basic showreel to showcase all the things I’ve made this year.

The job search continues! wish me luck!



This is the very first showreel that I created:

I’m this video I wasn’t too sure what to include, so I sort of just put anything I could find that remotely looked cool just to practise how to put together a Showreel.

This is my more updated Showreel:

You can see that this video is a lot more focused than the other one, there are still things that I would like to change, but I was happy enough when I made it as I discovered that I have more than I expected to include.

I’m hoping that I the next couple weeks I will have a new showreel to show possible employers that is much better than bother these put together.

I want to include a walk cycle and some marvellous designer work in my new showreel.