About Me

Hi! My name is Sinead, I am a second year animation student at ulster University Belfast.

I am an Artist, Photographer and Animator.

I love watching and making films, I hope to some day direct my own films, animation or live action, and it would be a dream to set up my own film studio here in Ireland.

I love the outdoors and traveling, so far I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to London, Leeds, France, Spain and Germany, and I am so keen to travel more, learn about different cultures and explore the world.

I really enjoy animation. I really like when I can see a Project come together nicely. I really enjoy the technical bits in animation, the rigging, the movement and the light. It’s important to me to have a well laid out composition in my animations, I like to have an image that is pleasing to look at, but not distracting to the story.

Storytelling is so much fun, as a child I used to imagine writing books and songs, creating interesting story was always something that interests me. I like to be able to add my opinion in the groups I’ve worked, I like hearing other people’s ideas and working together to make really fun and interesting stories.


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