Body Mechanics

Following Alec’s suggestion, I decided to film myself walking, running and doing a number of different body movements. These included jumping, sitting down and and standing up and stretching. This helped me better understand how human forms move, while also having a natural (well, as natural as possible) first hand reference to work from.


Body Mechanics

Pose Research found on Pinterest.


Screenshot from videos i made of myself doing diferent body movements

Part One: Animation

The first task of my second year of Animation is to animate a walk-cycle and body movements using a rigged charater that Alec, my tutor, has provided.

I will have to revise the principles of animation and animation techniques that I learnt in my first year of Animation to create realistic and good animations.

I want to explore different characteristics when I’m creating my movemnet. For example, how different men and women walk, the way they move their hips and shoulders.

I think I would also be interested in exploring how age changes how people move. For example, by making the movement slower.

I think it would be interesting to maybe recreate famous walks and movements from film, such as the dance in Pulp Fiction or the walk in Saturday Night Fever.

I’m going to create video reference of different movements and walks.