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Hey! so I’m on my placement year!


Currently I have no placement sorted. Spent my summer helping and caring for my close family members who were going through a rough time, but I’m not free to really start the search for work!

It’s really scary, and hard not the panic about being behind on the job search, but its okay! I know I’ll be fine, I just have to think positively and not give up.

In my spare time during the summer I practised using Mudbox and Marvelous Designer 5. I really like using MD, I’ve started putting together a MD showreel, I need to add more to it. ATM I’ve focusing more on how to use the software, and have only really started creating outfits now, I use what every i’m am currently wearing as the inspiration for the outfits.

I also made a very basic showreel to showcase all the things I’ve made this year.

The job search continues! wish me luck!



This is the very first showreel that I created:

I’m this video I wasn’t too sure what to include, so I sort of just put anything I could find that remotely looked cool just to practise how to put together a Showreel.

This is my more updated Showreel:

You can see that this video is a lot more focused than the other one, there are still things that I would like to change, but I was happy enough when I made it as I discovered that I have more than I expected to include.

I’m hoping that I the next couple weeks I will have a new showreel to show possible employers that is much better than bother these put together.

I want to include a walk cycle and some marvellous designer work in my new showreel.