Hey! so I’m on my placement year!


Currently I have no placement sorted. Spent my summer helping and caring for my close family members who were going through a rough time, but I’m not free to really start the search for work!

It’s really scary, and hard not the panic about being behind on the job search, but its okay! I know I’ll be fine, I just have to think positively and not give up.

In my spare time during the summer I practised using Mudbox and Marvelous Designer 5. I really like using MD, I’ve started putting together a MD showreel, I need to add more to it. ATM I’ve focusing more on how to use the software, and have only really started creating outfits now, I use what every i’m am currently wearing as the inspiration for the outfits.

I also made a very basic showreel to showcase all the things I’ve made this year.

The job search continues! wish me luck!





I lit our scene from the BBC project. I used area lights, spot lights, skydome, fog, and mesh lights.


I textured the scene a little bit just to see what it would look like, but i was to impatient for it haha


I used orange warm light to show life in the scene, and the change to blue was to create an alien feel.


Monster Escape

I lit Mine and Eoin’s scene. I used area and mesh light.

I used cylindrical area lights to light this. I tried using quad area lights, but it didn’t light enough of the area to look realist, and I would also have had to use another light, like a mesh to light the surface to the light model to create the appearnce of the light actually having a buld. The cylindrical light fixed this problem as its lit up the most area and create the fluorescent light look I was looking for.

I was having trouble with lighting this environment. The render kept coming out very noisey, upping the exposure or intensity was too brightm and didn’t really fix it, and uping the samples kind of help, but didn’t get rid of the problem, and also made the render time alot longer.

I then noticed that the top og the image, wasn’t as grainy. I realise this was because the top of the model was closer to the cylindrical light than the bottom. so I tried making the area light larger in size and moving it so that the model had a more equal amont of exposure, and it worked!

I had to lower the intensity and exposure as the size to the light had made the scene far to bright for the look I wanted. I want a dingy, dark clinical feel to the environment.

I textured the hazard signs that Hollie made onto a flat plain and positioned them on the walls around the lab.

Hollie’s Blood spatters kept coming up with a black background in the renders. I tried making it have a transpartent background, and changed the file type to .tiff, but it still happened.

I textured on a metal floor to the lab.

I lit the scene with red and green as that was the  idea that we had talked about as a group. Its inspired by this Bioshock concept art.


The light kind of create the grim, cold clinical looked that I was going for.


Tree Shrine

Drevla and Cassie were nice enought to let me try to light their eniorment scene.

They had model this really nice shrine door thing behind the tree, and I thought the in would look really nice lit up, or having a light emiting from it.

Drevla and Cassie said that the wanted to have a light shning down through a hole in the roof of the model, so that it looks like sun beams.

I tried using diractional lights but it didn’t create the effect that I wanted.


I used Ai volume scattering using Arnold to create the sunbeam. I like volume scattering, but it seems to affect all the light in the scene. So if I only want one light with the scattering, the other lights in the scene would also scatter create a really bright and foggy scene.

Chruch Scene

Jonny and Lorna gave me her eniorment scene of a church.


I used Ai volume scattering again in this scene. Jonny had said he made the stain glass window with the intention of having a light shining through it, but that i=he didn’t know how to do that. So thats what I did.


I want to try using mental ray to light this scene as I found some videos on light scattering that might help and with fix my problem with Arnold Ai volume scattering.


Pirate Ship

Michelle gave me her Eniorment scene to light.



My Scene

I made a scene to light and texture for this lighting project.

Arnold renders


I tired to create a sun beam affect using mental ray, I watched a few videos and it couldn’t get it to work. it wasn’t until I watched this tutorial, that I came to the conclusion that maybe 2017s mental ray has a fault.

I followed these instruction to a T, and I still didn’t get the result that I wanted. Below is a render of the kind of thing I was getting.

I saw comments below the Videos I was looking at with people complaining about similar problems in maya 2017.

So instead I used Arnold Ai volume scattering to create the affect and used a directional light to light one side of the room as I discovered that the directional light ws not affected by the Ai volume scattering.


Vray Render



Mental Ray




Part Three: Explore one of the following subject


I think that the lighting in a scene is really important. the light creates an atmospher. The lighting makes the viewer feel something, fear, curiousaty, joy and so on. It sets the mood.

I do photography as a hobbie, and I think that the sills that i have leanrt from praticing photograph will help me will understanding the lighting setups in Maya.

I like playing with the light in maya, creating good loing comppistions and I love when i can make a really nice and realic shadow in the scene.

I think that light really adds to any scene, it has the power make even a very simple set up look intersting. But if done wrong it can look very out of place and can take away from the oriagal set up.

I really like using cameras and playing around with filming and editing. I’d like to try more of this out and learn more about directing scenes and editing cuts and clips together. Lighting and camera work blend well together.

I think I’ll honesty Just have the most fun working on Lighting.

Light one of your previous scenes or the current modeling project.


  • Compare different lighting scenarios and/or different render engines and their material/Shaders
  • HD still renders.

Consider the following:

  1. Which render engine you will use, and/or compare different ones.
  2. Photorealistic, Hyperealistic & non-photorealistic texture styles
  3. Different moods
  4. Colour balance
  5. Materials
  6. Direct/Indirect light
  7. Render passes & compositing.

 Compositing VFX:

Compositing is something that i would really like to try out, it looks really cool and it has a lot of different opertunities to play around with it.

Add 3D elements to a photo or live action background.
Footage can be provided.


  • A shot of live action footage or photo with composited 3D art..
  • A break down render demonstrating the composited layers and/or post effects

Consider the following:

  1. Scene Continuity
  2. 2D & 3D Tracking
  3. Matching Colours
  4. Matching Lighting
  5. Contact Lighting
  6. Atmospherics
  7. Light-Wrap Techniques
  8. Edge Blend Techniques
  9. Working with Shadows
  10. Grain Management
  11. Lens Distortion & Aberrations
  12. Match Move
  13. Rotoscoping


I think animating is actully really fun. theres something really satafying about seeing something coming together, and when you are animating its so nice to see that progress.

I would really like to try my hand at Rigging. I feeling like if you can Rigg, you  are more liekly to be able to animate as you would have a better understanding of how to more the Riggs to create the best poses and posistions.


  • Rig a biped character, including face setup.
  • Record a screen capture demonstrating your rig.

Consider the following:

  1. IK/FK arm switch
  2. Stretchy ik limbs
  3. Squash and stretch face setup
  4. Reverse foot rig
  5. Benefits in IK or FK spine setup